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Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board 

Ms. Ronnysha A. Floyd

Ms. Ronnysha passion for supported employment starts with herself. While Ronnysha was in 4th grade, she was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding). Also called reading disability, dyslexia affect areas of the brain that process language. With the support of her Special Education Teachers and her Parents partnership with the educators, Ronnysha was able to not only live with but overcome Dyslexia. Ronnysha went on to graduate from high school with a prestige honor. She attend Harris Stowe State University where she completed two years of secondary education. Ronnysha realized that attending college was not really her passion. Ronnysha went on to gain her Certified Nurse Assistant License. She learned that her true passion is helping bring out the beauty in women, which is why she attend beauty college.  Ronnysha was born with the gift of beauty, which is believed to be the reason she saw the beauty in others. 

While Ronnysha continues to work in the field of beauty, Ronnysha realized that she was ready for a career that she could utilize her managerial skills. Today Ronnysha is a Certified Pharmacy Technician which she is currently working in and states that she loves it. Ronnysha agreed to take on the assignment as COB because she has a desire to encourage people that your dreams of success can be reached, just do not give up.

Ronnysha was once asked:  Do you still have Dyslexia? Ronnysha's reply was "Yes it doesn’t go away you just get better with words, sound out words, go slow, and ask for help."

Ms. Karen Jeaneen Washington 



Board Secretary

Karen Jeaneen Washington completed her graduate degree in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University-St. Charles MO.  Ms. Washington previously worked as a Public Health Program Representative, for the City of St. Louis Department of Health- Communicable Disease Prevention Services, and currently works as a Neighborhood Improvement Specialists for the City of St. Louis- Department of Public Safety. She has an extensive background in HIV/STI prevention and care services with over 20 years of public speaking, presentation, and educational experience in the health and public safety field. With her education in counseling and professional background she has a unique and effective approach in providing awareness to the public, private, and community sectors while working with women and families.

Ms. Washington strive to provide clients with tailored treatment plans, safety plans, and education focusing on advocacy, prevention, HIV/STI testing, treatment, and care, resources in the area of violence against women, as well as act as a liaison between the City and community to assist in resolving neighborhood problems and complaints.  Duties include: meeting with citizens, community leaders and organizations to address complaints, and developing action plans.

POWER, INC Board Member

Mr. Timothy "Tim" West, Paraprofessional

Founder of Full Power Entertainment, Inc.

Tim first started out his career as a school bus driver. After 20 years of driving the school bus, Tim decided that he wanted a more hands on approach with the students. Tim never gave up furthering his career as a Paraprofessional.

Tim began his career as a Paraprofessional after successfully passing the paraeducator's exam. Tim currently works in the special education field where he is participating in teaching and guidance of youth that attends his special education classes.

Tim is the creator of "Full Power Entertainment" started his creations at an early age.  Tim is also the producer of multiple projects one is called "In The Mix" radio show which showcase independent unsigned artist. Tim's second project is a local podcast show called "Outside The Ring STL" covering local and worldwide wrestling.  Tim chose to utilize his artist ability to create comics and entertainment for all to enjoy and be uplifted.

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